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Our Story: Working Together

We at Local Marketing Co get excited about working with clients like you. We know that our expertise in the home service industry is uniquely fit to help you reach the goals we've discussed (and beyond). Our team has been energized by our conversations thus far, and we welcome the opportunity to work together. Whether you need to expand your social media presence for more clients or you want to grow your commercial account partners we got you covered!

Our team is professionally trained directly by Facebook to bring you the best results. With over five years of specialty experience we can handle any size business with any size budget. Contact our team today to get connected with a specialist today.

- The Local Marketing Co Team

Evan Estremera

Evan, our COO, will be your point of contact at Local Marketing Co and learn your needs inside and out.

Christina Miller

Christina has been with Local Marketing Co for two years, focusing on business strategy for over 250 of our happy clients.

Ivan Diaz

Ivan, new to Local Marketing Co, brings four years of corporate consulting experience to our team.


Local Painting San Diego

Desperate to take their one man shop-operation from its 2019 roots into today's modern world, Ivan Green reached out to Local Marketing Co.

We focused on brand revitalization, digital strategy, online lead capturing, and Service expansion.

Today, Local Marketing Co has tripled their sales thanks to our launch of an online website and lead generation funnels. Gaining over a 100x ROI

The US Property Markets LLC

An amazing testament to the USPM Team, their Real Estate Portfolio had been growing mightily despite our increasingly digital world.

USPM reached out to Local Marketing Co to help them scale operations and improve internal processes.

After an extremely fruitful Full-Day Workshop we highlighted four core focus areas and spent the next six weeks solidifying an implementation plan.

Today, USPM has increased their revenue 20X, without needing to hire any additional employees.

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