8 Methods Successful Companies Use To Get Leads Online

8 Methods Successful Companies Use To Get Leads Online

Is your business having trouble with low engagement on your Facebook posts? Do you want more owners to comment, share and react to your content that you work hard to publish? What if your content could turn your audience into potential leads? Read on to discover 8 ways to engage your audience on Facebook, improve your brand awareness, and increase your chances of converting your page followers into future leads!

1. Show the face behind your Facebook. Social media is becoming a powerful tool that companies can use to reach their audience, and more and more people are starting to build relationships with the companies they follow. Homeowners don’t want to see more of what you can sell them; they want to see the people behind the project.

2. Personalize your FB page. Post a photo of you and your family over the weekend. Show your audience that you have similar core values ​​of family and commitment, and they'll start to see your business as more than just a business looking for a sale! Local Marketing Co does a great job of combining family values ​​with business. For more methods on how business owners can generate more leads, click here.

3. Educate Your Audience. More and more people are using the internet to find quick fixes to their problems, but what if they just had to follow your page to get the answers they're looking for?

4. Start using your FB platform to do more than just sell your services; educate your audience on simple issues, preventative maintenance, and anything else that might be helpful to them.

5. Give your Page followers a reason to keep liking and following your Page, and they'll likely remember you later when they come across a problem they can't fix themselves.

6. Get to know landlords in your area. As with any relationship, ask questions to find out more about another person. so why not apply this same method to your business?

7. Show your audience that you really care about them by asking a question. It could be a survey of which football team is the best, which vacation destination is the best for the summer, etc. Be creative and don't be afraid to ask questions outside the realm of your line of work. A great example of this can be found in one of our posts we created to help businesses get more engagement on Facebook and get more calls. However, part of the engagement with the public allows homeowners to take an interest as well. This builds strong business relationships with customers in the era of relationships where we share your hobbies with homeowners for a weekend article. Post a photo of you and your family at the beach, while watching a baseball game, then answer with a question. People will see that they share common interests with the business they are following, and this will create a positive and lasting impression!

8. Be creative with promotion. Once you've engaged enough with your audience, it's time to promote your services. But don't just post a stock photo of your service job! Take your smartphone with you to the field and take videos of yourself and your employees at work. Show your audience how hard you work and they will remember it in the future. Plus, follow the discounts! Owners like to know they're getting the best deal, so entice them to answer the phone by offering coupons and new monthly discounts on your various services. Getting those click-to-call coupons and discounts on your website also improves a company's search engine optimization and keeps the phone ringing with more calls every day.

Extra Tip: Hire the right specialists! You don’t want to waste your money and you need to get a good ROI, so why hire an employee for $50k a year who needs to be trained and guided when you can hire Local Marketing Co LLC for a quarter of the price! You see we have been trained directly by Facebook themselves to bring you the best and up to date marketing tactics to get your company in front of your perfect clientele. Whether you are a home service company, artist, real estate agent or even a painter, we can help any company grow into their full potential. Click here to schedule a call with our team today!