Commercial Account managers

Do you need more jobs from commercial partners? 

Are you looking to grow your vendors lists? 

We have a new way to guarantee more jobs with Virtual Account Managers


We will contact up to 1,000 of these companies a month

representing your company,

 to get them on your vendors list, 

So you can get jobs on a regular basis. 

Pick from the following list:


Commercial Properties Managers 

Apartment Complex

Condo Complex

Multi-Business Buildings

Real Estate Brokers

Residential Property Managers 

Insurance Companies 

General Contractors 


We will target 1 group per month


No Long Term Contracts

​Month To Month

​Cancel Any Time


Get 50% off 1st Month

​When you sign up for 6 Months Agreement

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Platinum Package

6 Months 

$1,000 Per Month

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Gold Package

3 Months

$1,250 Per Month 

Silver Package

Month to Month

$1,500 Per Month